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There Is a Formula to Your Despair October 3, 2009

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After watching this video, can there be any doubt of the virulent hatred the Republicans have toward all things Obama?

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the Olympics were all about national pride.  I thought an American Olympics would create hundreds – if not thousands – of jobs, and bring in untold revenue to the city where they’re held and the businesses operating there.  I thought it would be seen as an act of utmost patriotism for a President to lobby in favor of something that would be good for the country, in ways both abstract and concrete.  I thought an American Olympics would be something everyone, regardless of political affiliation, could get behind.

It turns out that sometime in the last nine months supporting the Olympics became just as divisive and traitorous as making sure everyone has reasonably-priced health insurance.  Shows you how much I know.

The Huffington Post (10/2/09): Conservatives Revel in Obama’s Olympic Bid Failure


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