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Silence Can Be a Headline October 13, 2009

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If you’re one of the five people who currently reads this blog, things are going to be quiet here for a few days until I get my computer situation sorted.  Long story short: My keyboard (and specifically the letters i, o, k, l, m and the number 8) doesn’t like pinot noir.  Everything I type on my laptop takes about three times as long to do (switching as I am between the real keyboard for most of my typing and the virtual keyboard on my screen for the inoperative letters, which are way more common than you might think), and since people aren’t exactly clamoring to read this, I’ll just shutter it until the problem’s solved.  I’m sure you’ll find some way to survive.


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Ride nowhere

Ride – Nowhere

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Dennis Lehane – Mystic River



1. Amanda - October 13, 2009

I hope your computer gets fixed without it costing too much.

2. rcm - October 14, 2009

Fingers crossed. Appointment with the Mac Geniuses on Thursday, so we’ll see what they have to say.

3. Laura - October 14, 2009

one of the five. Hope you get things sorted out!

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