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Song of the Day (10/16/09: Special Friday Night Double Shot) October 16, 2009

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Tomorrow night I’ll be seeing David Cross, so I figured I’d go ahead and waste my Song of the Day two-fer a day early.

After Howard Devoto left seminal punk band Buzzcocks, he wasted no time in forming a second ground-breaking act.  Magazine remains one of the greatest – and most underrated – bands of the post-punk era.  Their first two albums, Real Life and Secondhand Daylight, are nearly perfect examples of what made the late 70’s and early 80’s so great.  The emergence of punk, while supposedly nihilistic and concerned with destruction, actually allowed countless bands to explore previously uncharted territory.  Borrowing punk’s energy and aggression and hitching it to tightly-wound, propulsively funky rhythms, Magazine’s sound can still be heard in many trend-setting bands today.  These two songs come from their 1978 debut, Real Life.  First is “Definitive Gaze” (live on the Old Grey Whistle Test from 1978; ignore the dippy blond at the beginning), and after that is “Shot by Both Sides” (again from 1978, this time on UK music show, UK Gold):



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