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Song of the Day (10/21/09) October 21, 2009

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I love Billy Bragg so much, but he’s one of those artists who always seems to slip through the cracks of my memory.  I won’t listen to him for months and months, and then, almost by accident, I’ll put on Talking With the Taxman About Poetry or Workers Playtime or Don’t Try This at Home, and think, “Why don’t I listen to this more often?!”  Then I shamefully get distracted by whatever’s new and sparkly, and I forget all about him until I accidentally unearth him again months down the road.  He’s one of England’s true national treasures, who wears his heart and his politics on his sleeve.

“Waiting for the Great Leap Forward” comes from his 1988 album, Workers Playtime, and I’ve provided two versions.  The first is a recent live recording – complete with updated, topical lyrics – from Henry Rollins’ show on the Independent Film Channel (a video which proves, among other things, that Rollins needs to learn how to use his hands in front of the camera).  The second clip is the song in its original form, so you can better appreciate the lyrical revision in the live version.



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