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Song of the Day (10/24/09: Saturday Extravaganza) October 24, 2009

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If there were ever a band that woulda coulda shoulda been bigger, its Leeds’ The Wedding Present.  Initially part of Britain’s C-86 scene, the Weddoes (as the band was called by its disciples) featured hyper-jangly, breakneck-paced guitars and the lovelorn lyrics of frontman/guitarist/songwriter David Gedge.  Following the demise of The Smiths, the band was poised to leap into the Morrissey-shaped breach as the standard-bearer for disaffected, mopey youth, but for some reason things just never quite clicked.  This, despite a trifecta of brilliant albums to close out the 80’s and usher in the 90’s: George Best, Bizarro, and one of my all-time Top Five albums, the sublime and amazing Seamonsters.

The first clip is a recent live recording of two of my favorite songs from 1991’s Seamonsters, “Dalliance” (just wait for the jump to light speed at 2:36) and “Dare.”  The second is one of their earliest singles, “You Should Always Keep in Touch With Your Friends,” collected on 1988’s singles comp, Tommy.

And, what the hell, because you can never have too much of The Wedding Present, here’s a blistering live version of “Kennedy,” from 1989’s Bizarro.  You know that part in Almost Famous when William Miller sucks up to Stillwater’s Russell Hammond by telling him that his guitar-playing is incendiary?  Just check out David Gedge from the 3:30 mark until the end of the song.  The very definition of the word.



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