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Even Good Kids Make Bad Sports November 2, 2009

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1020-gosselinshmuley So, okay.  I know that stars – even fake stars like Jon Gosselin – occasionally need spiritual guidance, too.  But isn’t there something just a little creepy about receiving this guidance from a celebrity rabbi in front of an audience who paid 20 bucks a piece for the privilege?

And as for Rabbi Shmuley, when your celebrity “clients” include Jon Gosselin and Michael Jackson, doesn’t the International League of Rabbis revoke your membership?

I try to avoid commenting on stories like this one.  But the ick factor here is so high that I just couldn’t resist.  I have to admit that I always sort of felt sorry for Jon when The Soup would show clips of him being hen-pecked by Kate (Wife or succubus?  You be the judge.), but the supreme level of douchebaggery he’s exhibited now officially makes it impossible to feel sorry for either side.  This public cleansing, full of faux mea culpas, is the sad sight of someone trying desperately to make sure everyone still likes him.  But whenever someone says, as Gosselin did, “I think I’m just misunderstood,” it’s a sure bet that we understand him perfectly.

In a lot of ways, though, I feel much more disdain for Rabbi Shmuley.  Even though he’s proven himself to be a tool of the highest order, I genuinely think Jon Gosselin is a shlub who just got in over his head.  But the rabbi is a shameless self-promoter, author, radio host, TV personality, and self-proclaimed Love Prophet.  My question is, why should I even know this guy’s name?  Who decided he was worth promoting, and what has he done that makes him more deserving of recognition than the religious folks who toil away in soup kitchens or build houses for Habitat for Humanity?

I’m not shy about my religious skepticism, but I’m also not blind to the fact that many people take solace in the relationship they have with their spiritual advisers.  Rabbi Shmuley makes a mockery of that relationship  by taking part in this circus.  If he really wants to help Jon Gosselin, by all means, help.  But you don’t do it in public and you sure as hell don’t charge admission.  Gosselin is just a harmless dipshit; Rabbi Shmuley, on the other hand, is a slimy opportunist who takes advantage of the weakness of others and calls it beneficence.

The two of them combined are just one more example of how we, as a culture, have our priorities all wrong.

Entertainment Tonight (11/2/09): Rabbi Shmuley Opened “Up the Doors to My Emotions”


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1. Amanda - November 3, 2009

So, I’m guessing I should return that Hurley shirt I bought you for Christmas?

rcm - November 3, 2009

Please save your money for something slightly less douchey.

2. Katie Reed - November 3, 2009

I didn’t know who Rabbi Shmuley was until 30 Rock made a joke about him this season.

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