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Song of the Day (11/08/09) November 8, 2009

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Funny story.  I’d heard about this great band called The Delgados for a few years at the tail end of the 90’s, but I really had no interest in listening to a Mexican band.  I thought they were going to be something like Café Tacuba or Plastilina Mosh, and – without impugning Mexican music – it’s just not my cup of tea.  Then the year 2000 rolled around, and the British music press was suddenly all atwitter about the new album by The Delgados, a Scottish band.  Whoops.

Having typed it out, maybe it’s not such a funny story.  But it actually goes a long way toward explaining why I’ve amassed so much music over the last decade.  When I hear something is good, I listen to it, regardless of whatever my preconceptions are.

Anyway, The Delgados, the Scottish band (not that there’s a Mexican band with the same name, although I guess there could be), are amazingly good, and unfortunately defunct.  Over the course of five albums, they metamorphosed from a rough-edged, ramshackle band that sounded like they owed a lot to Pavement, to an ornate, exquisitely beautiful band that sounded like no one else.  This is “American Trilogy,” my favorite song from their almost-Mercury Prize-winning album, The Great Eastern.



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