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Song of the Day (11/10/09) November 10, 2009

Posted by monty in music.
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There are so many reasons to love Guided by Voices.  Singer, main songwriter, 4th grade teacher, and hilarious drunk Robert Pollard can apparently churn out catchy tunes that recall the best of British Invasion pop in his sleep.  The band – in its various incarnations – released sixteen albums in twenty years, and nearly thirty singles and EP’s, many of which sport half a dozen songs or more.  Their output, to understate things a bit, is extensive.  GBV was one of the main proponents, if not the main proponent, of the lo-fi sound that swept American indie in the early 90’s.  Their early albums were gloriously scuzzy and scratchy, but in the late 90’s and early 00’s they flirted briefly with bigger production and a more widescreen sound.  Surprisingly, it worked.  While it might have dialed down the charm of their ramshackle early releases, it amplified Pollard’s pristine pop smarts.  This is a live performance of one of the standout tracks from their Ric Ocasek-produced 1999 album, Do the Collapse. This is “Teenage FBI.”



1. thoreauly77 - November 10, 2009

perfect companion piece to “never aim to please”.

not sure if it is intentional, but yeah, perfect, especially the chorus.

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