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Death by Diamonds and Pearls November 12, 2009

Posted by monty in news.
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This semester was cruising right along until I hit the last couple weeks.  Now I’ve been so fried and preoccupied with job-related stuff that my initiative and inspiration for this little site have been sorely lacking.  I could also blame my abandonment of what I was working on for National Novel Writing Month on those factors, but that would, of course, only be partially true.

So anyway, activity around these parts might continue to be a little sparse for the next few days while I recharge my batteries.  It’s entirely possible that I’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated with the advent of the weekend, but it’s also possible that I’ll spend the next 72 hours curled up at the bottom of my closet, sobbing softly and talking to myself.

Just so I’m not leaving you completely high and dry, here are two recent videos of Carrie Prejean.  I wrote about her appearance on The Today Show the other day, and now you can see the interview in all its unhinged glory.  The Larry King clip is nearly as good – which means you get even more evidence of just how batshit crazy this broad is.  If God wants to reward us all, he’ll give us a Palin/Prejean ticket in 2012.


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1. Reid - November 12, 2009

I’d like to see Sigur Ros sue The Today Show’s use of their song during the montage introduction of Prejean. Maybe I’ll file on their behalf…

Oh, and Rob, You’re being inapropriate right now. You’re being really inappropriate.

rcm - November 13, 2009

Stop being part of the plot to silence me, Reid. Me and Sarah Palin – two peas in a dimwitted pod.

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