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Song of the Day (11/14/09: Soft Rock Double Shot) November 14, 2009

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Turin Brakes are two acoustic guitar-wielding Londoners whose debut album, The Optimist LP, was nominated for Britain’s Mercury Music Prize in 2001.  Lumped together with Travis and Coldplay as part of a soft rock revolution, the duo shares those bands’ mellower sensibilities, but manages to trump them at times with huge, anthemic, singalong choruses that work precisely because of the band’s modest lineup.  Imagine two subway buskers with a knack for writing stadium-sized songs, and you have Turin Brakes in a nutshell.  This is “Long Distance,” from their 2003 sophomore album, Ether Song.

Kings of Convenience

Kings of Convenience are another duo – Norwegian, this time – who were associated with the UK’s “quietcore” movement.  Probably the quietest of those bands (but also the most experimental, having released a remix album where their simple songs get twisted out of shape by electronic artists like Four Tet and Andy Votel), the Kings perform delicate, introspective acoustic numbers that rarely raise their voices above a whisper.  Perfect late-night listening, in other words.  This song is taken from their 2000 self-titled debut, and it’s called “Toxic Girl.”



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