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Song of the Day (11/15/09) November 15, 2009

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I’m an optimist at heart.  For all my grumbling and complaining, I really do believe in the power of people to do good, and in the importance of being good to one another.  No matter how disappointed I become in what I see around me, it’s these beliefs – and the small kindnesses that I witness – that keep me going.  There’s no better band to reflect this optimism than Ireland’s The Frames.  Singer Glen Hansard is now better known as part of the Oscar-winning duo The Swell Season, but his day job has been a going concern since the mid-90’s, and their euphoric, soaring sets are amazingly communal experiences that make you believe, as I do, in the power of music to make a difference.  It’s a little cheesy, but cynicism will only get you so far, but with optimism, well … the sky’s the limit.

Here’s The Frames performing the simply astounding “People Get Ready” at my spiritual homeland, The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.



1. Amanda - November 15, 2009

Why did I miss seeing them at Coachella? This is one of my favorite songs and his hair alone makes me happy.

2. thoreauly77 - November 16, 2009

dont you dare forget his hair’s starring role in “the replacements”.

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