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Intermission November 19, 2009

Posted by monty in Nonsense.
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I should like air travel more than I do.  It’s (relatively) convenient, (relatively) fast, and (relatively) safe.  Those parentheticals, though, are a real kick in the bollocks.  Today’s a perfect case in point.  If you didn’t hear, there was some sort of nationwide glitch in the way flight plans are entered by air traffic control, which slowed flights down virtually everywhere.  My flight to Philadelphia was supposed to depart at 1:54.  I left at 11:30 for the airport and received a call on the way that my flight had been canceled.  I made a U-turn across the median* (not easy on I-75), sped home, and fortunately was able to reschedule for a new flight at 5:45.  I left home for the second time around 3:30, made it to the airport at 4:15, parked in the economy lot, and no sooner had I thrown my car into Park than I received a call from Delta.  My flight was now delayed until 8:00.  Awesome.

Air travel is fast and convenient when nonsense like this doesn’t happen, but more or less unbearable when it does.  It’s roughly a 12-hour drive from Atlanta to Philadelphia, which means I could have left in my car at 11:30 this morning, turned north to Philadelphia instead of south to the airport, and made it to my hotel at roughly the same time as I’ll be getting there after flying.

If the curious verb tense in the last sentence wasn’t a tipoff, I’m on one of those flights that offers wi-fi.  There’s something sort of fun about typing this at 35,000 feet while watching NBC’s Thursday night lineup, but it just doesn’t quite compensate for the stress and tedium of the rest of the day.  And it definitely doesn’t compensate if this flight makes an unscheduled landing in a cornfield.

* Didn’t actually happen



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