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Stuck in a Rut December 4, 2009

Posted by monty in news.
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I suppose it was only a matter of time.  Despite the incredible degree of lunacy Sarah Palin has demonstrated over the past year – repeating nonsensical GOP talking points as if they actually mean something and allowing her own addled “thinking” to contribute to the collective dumbing down of this country – she’s never weighed in on the issue of Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship.

Until now.

That’s right.  The craziest lady in politics (runner-up: Michelle Bachmann) has cast her lot with the craziest movement in politics: the birthers.  It is, according to Palin, “a fair question” for the birthers to doubt the validity of Obama’s birth certificate.

This stuff just writes itself.

Salon.com (12/3/09): Palin: Birthers Have “Fair Question” About Obama


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1. Timmy K - December 4, 2009

Did you read the transcripts? She said she wouldn’t make it an issue!

Please provide any examples of the lunacy she has demenstrated.

rcm - December 4, 2009

No offense, but the fact that she thinks it is an issue, but she’s just choosing to ignore it, is problem enough.

Examples of lunacy? Pull a transcript of any of her speeches, or read her book. I shouldn’t have to do that for you.

2. Timmy K - December 4, 2009

please just one example.. i have heard her, she does sound weird and has stupid sayings but i would hardly call that lunacy.

Yea I think she should have shot it down too. Its stupid that she didn’t but you know what that is how politics is played. Look how obama reacted to climate gate.

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