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Intermission December 24, 2009

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All apologies for disappearing without a trace for the last ten – or so – days.  After the semester ended, and I survived the blizzard of portfolios and final assignments that needed to be graded, I decided to take a little break, which I’m still currently enjoying.  At the moment I’m in the wilds of rural Ohio, being coddled by my parents and enjoying a little snow and holiday cheer.

Three Seconds of Dead Air will return to full capacity sometime next week.  When that happens you can look forward to my fifth Stephen King review (John Carpenter’s Christine), catch-up reviews of a few other flicks (Up in the Air and The Road, maybe, and probably Avatar, too), and the list of my Top 50 albums of the decade.  Among other things.  Until then, have a happy holiday (yes, I am waging a war on Christmas).

Current listening:

Sigur Ros – ( ) (2002)

Current reading:

T.C. Boyle – Talk Talk (2006)

Last movie seen:

The Road (2009; John Hillcoat, dir.)



1. Katie Reed - December 24, 2009

Sentiment of endearment at the end of the Gregorian calendar year from me to you. xoxo

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