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Each Time Is a New Time April 10, 2010

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I didn’t really intend to shutter the blog. As I usually do, I just sort of lost interest for a bit. A new semester started with a new class that I’d never taught before, I increased my daily running mileage (and, as a result, my daily time commitment), and I generally got tired of the sound of my own voice. It happens.

It’s funny to look back on some of my posts from late 2009 and early 2010 and consider how much and how little things have changed in the last four months.  On the one hand, health care reform passed, the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien dustup is just a memory, and I’ve watched nine more movie adaptations of Stephen King’s books.  On the other hand, the right wing is still losing its collective shit over every single thing Obama says or does, Fox News still resembles a bunch of lobotomized monkeys poking a deflated volleyball with a stick, and Sarah Palin’s speeches still sound like they were composed after she spent ten seconds playing with one of those magnetic poetry kits.

And Nigel died.

This was tough.  He was always sort of a lazy cat, but in early February he appeared even more listless than usual, not even appearing interested in his daily snacks.  When I listened to his breathing, it sounded like he wheezing, so I took him to the vet.  She immediately noticed that his ear flaps were tinged yellow, a sure sign of liver problems.  She said they’d keep him for a couple days, run some tests, pump him full of fluids and medicine, and take it from there.

The next morning I got a call that he had died during the night.  Turns out he was even sicker than he thought.  Feline leukemia, which the vet suspects he had when I got him five years ago, caused liver damage that didn’t show up until it was too late.  Nigel was easily the most affectionate, even-tempered cat I’ve ever seen, and it still bothers me that he died among strangers.  Yeah, yeah, I know he was just a cat, and he didn’t really know what was going on, but still.  It’s not right.

The upshot (although I probably shouldn’t call it that) is that I now have Toby.  Named after David Cross’ character in Arrested Development, Toby is, to put it in clinical terms, insane.  He’s now about six months old, and I’m waiting desperately for the day when he grows out of his “I’m a kitten and I’m going to destroy everything in your home” phase.  I believe this is also the same phase that allows him to decide, at 4:00 every morning, that it’s time to play.  It’s also the phase that includes him climbing into the refrigerator whenever I open it, severing the pull-cords on my window blinds with his teeth, and tormenting Maggie, my other cat, to the point of a nervous breakdown.

The two of them are almost – almost – friends.

Also, as evidenced in the previous photo, I bought a new pair of pajama pants in the last four months.  Fun times in the big city.

That’s it for now.  I won’t promise daily updates – the semester is winding down, after all, which means an increase in reading and responding to student work – but I’ll give it a shot.  I also intend to continue the usual features I’d started in my last go-round: Cinema Sunday, Song of the Day, reviews of Stephen King movies, and the fledgling Perfect Movie Moment.

Much hilarity will certainly ensue.

Current listening:

The Delgados – The Great Eastern (2000)

Current reading:

Norman Mailer – The Naked and the Dead (1948)

Last movie seen:

Date Night (2010; Shawn Levy, dir.)



1. amandalovesenglish - April 10, 2010

RIP little buddy but I am glad you are back and writing.

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