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Even Heroes Have to Die April 13, 2010

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I love Sigourney Weaver. Always have, regardless of what she’s in. But if it’s possible for an actor to jump the shark, she just did it.

If Weaver is to be believed, Avatar director James Cameron lost the Best Director Oscar “because Jim didn’t have breasts.”  And The Hurt Locker picked up Best Picture “because it’s fashionable to give the Oscar to a small movie that nobody saw.”

I understand sour grapes, Sigourney, and I get that you’re proud of your work on Avatar and that you want to defend your director.  Your loyalty is commendable.  Hell, I could even make a case defending Cameron as Best Director based solely on the tenacity it took to get Avatar to the screen.

But the simple truth about Avatar is this: remove the (admittedly beautiful) special effects from the equation, and you’re left with a movie that’s staggeringly mediocre.  Horribly scripted, terribly acted by much of the cast, overlong, and, as many other people have pointed out, a veritable Frankenstein’s monster of other, better movies, Avatar is an entertaining trifle that absolutely no one would remember if it weren’t so technologically advanced.

As for the slam against Best Director winner Kathryn Bigelow, it’s depressing to see Weaver – a woman who’s made a career of playing strong female characters – employ a sort of reverse sexism charge in supporting Cameron. To me, Bigelow’s win had nothing to do with being a woman and everything to do with creating a tightly-wound, multi-layered look at the Iraq War that somehow managed to avoid being overtly political.  That entire movie is a high-wire act, and to have done it on such a small budget with no name actors in leading roles is pretty remarkable.

So, c’mon Sigourney.  Continue to defend your crappy movie.  As a cast member, that’s to be expected.  But if you’re going to fabricate reasons why Cameron lost the Oscar, try coming up with something that doesn’t also insult the person who, quite deservedly, won the award.  Say Cameron lost because he’s a megalomaniacal asshole.  Or because he already won for Titanic.  But to claim it’s because he doesn’t have breasts is kind of catty, and seems beneath you.  Make like your character Ellen Ripley and challenge Bigelow to a fight if you must.  But press junket passive-agressiveness?  That’s just not something Ripley would do.

The Huffington Post (4/13/10): Sigourney Weaver: James Cameron Lost Oscar Because He Didn’t Have Breasts


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1. amandalovesenglish - April 13, 2010

Maybe having balls taped to her face made her forget that she’s suppose to be encouraging the wins of other women. Now I want to watch Aliens again.

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