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Gonna Get Along Without You Now April 15, 2010

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I’m sort of surprised at how irritated I am not to be attending this year’s Coachella Festival.  It’s been a yearly tradition of mine for the last decade, and I vividly remembering walking on the grass last year on the first day of the fest, just after the gates opened, passing a pretzel/churro/frozen lemonade stand near the Coachella Stage, and saying, “Ah, it doesn’t matter how far away I am next year.  I’ll be here for sure.”

Then budget cuts in Georgia caused furlough days at my university, cutting into my income by a couple hundred dollars a month.  Then my not insubstantial student loans kicked in in January.  Then I was worried that the state’s budget crisis was going to cost me my job altogether.  Then, even when my job appeared secure, there was (and still is) the chance that I’ll lose one or both of my summer classes due to low enrollment.  And by the time I might have been able to eke out enough spare change for the trip, the festival was so close that flights were well over $500.  Oh, and my students have a major project due on Monday, which I really can’t afford to miss.

A perfect storm of bullshit circumstances interrupted my yearly three-day respite from work and stress, but even so, I wasn’t expecting to take it so hard.  Yeah, I was disappointed in January when I saw the lineup and first had the sinking feeling that the trip wouldn’t be possible.  But I’ve been in a pissy mood all week, and it can be traced directly to my non-attendance this year.

But, because if there’s one thing I’m known for, it’s my relentless, creepy positivity, I’m not going to let it get me down.  In the spirit of celebrating what the festival’s all about, here’s a small sample of the photos I took last year.  Enjoy.

Los Campesinos!

White Lies

Fire snake

Tesla coils

Cloud Cult

Bob Mould

Henry Rollins

Band of Horses

No Age

The Gaslight Anthem

Lykke Li

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

So, I’m not there this year.  But I’ve already starting saving my pennies for next year.  And, if all else fails, I could easily be talked into harvesting an organ.


Current listening:

Sennen – Age of Denial (2010)



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