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Walk Towards the Light December 14, 2010

Posted by monty in music.
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#2 in the totally not-at-all sequential list of my favorite albums of 2010:

Thrushes – Night Falls

If an album review even mentions the term shoegaze – or any of the familiar catchphrases often used to describe bands of this genre, such as sonic cathedrals or waves of distortion or shimmery guitars – there’s a 100% chance I’ll track the album down, and about a 98% chance I’ll like it (sorry, The Domino State).  I don’t know what it is about this style of music that always grabs me, but I never tire of it, even though it seems as though its practitioners have run out of new things to do with it.

Night Falls, the second album by Thrushes, does bring some new-old things to the table: the waves of distortion are there, as are the ominous basslines and propulsive drums that often keep songs such as these from completely drifting away into the ether.  But where traditional shoegaze often relies on murky, barely distinguishable vocals, Thrushes put singer Anna Conner’s voice right up front, and she drives the songs with some seriously powerful pipes.  In this way their music has more in common with Lush or Velocity Girl than Ride or My Bloody Valentine, and the trick is just unusual enough to seem revolutionary.

Here’s their song “Crystals” (which, besides being a killer song, has a pretty great video, too):


Current listening:

The National – High Violet (2010)


1. Andrew C. - December 17, 2010

Awesome song, awesome vid.

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