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Song of the Day (10/7/09) October 7, 2009

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Marillion is one of the most ridiculous bands of all time.  I mean that in the best sense possible.  They’re gloriously, stupendously ridiculous, and I’ve loved them for roughly twenty years.  They’re a Scottish band that trafficked in prog rock in the mid-80’s – a sort of throwback to Peter Gabriel-era Genesis and early Yes –  just as post-punk was giving birth to modern alternative music on both sides of the Atlantic.  But they stuck to their guns and did 20-minute long songs about Grendel from Beowulf and wore face paint and capes onstage.  I’m not going to pretend there’s anything remotely redeeming to this band.  The music is pretentious, the lyrics are pretentious (if surprisingly literate and smart), the performances are silly … and yet I find it inexplicably great.

Just check out this video.  Neon-colored puzzle suit and headband for the singer?  Check.  Leather pants and bouffant hairdo for the bassist?  Check. Drummer wearing one of the band’s own t-shirts?  Check.  Guitarist with a big fluffy mullet?  Check.  And … is that a girl dancing on the speakers?  Oh yes it is.  It’s preposterous and wonderful.

This is one of my favorite songs from their 1987 album, Clutching at Straws. This is “Slainte Mhath.”