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Song of the Day (10/8/09) October 8, 2009

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When the news of Oasis’ breakup hit the music press, I assumed it was just another in a long line of Oasis breakups.  The way it usually goes, the brothers Gallagher have a dustup, one of them quits, and a couple weeks later they’re back again.  Goodness knows it’s happened before.  But now that both brothers are plotting their next steps, it’s starting to look like this time it’s permanent.

And that’s a shame.  The less inspired among us have never quit calling them a Beatles rip-off band, never quite realizing that they’ve just described virtually every rock act of the last forty years.  The truth is, Oasis gave us two perfect albums, which is two more than most bands ever manage.  Unfortunately, they never quite recovered from the brilliance of their early output.  They set the bar so high that everything they subsequently released was doomed to be found wanting.

My interest flagged as their career stretched out, but I have some seriously fond memories of their music.  One of my favorites is gazing out a bus window for several days in Ireland, Heathen Chemistry playing in a loop in my earphones.  This song is from their immortal debut album, 1994’s Definitely Maybe. This is “Live Forever,” performed live on Later With Jools Holland.